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RDP Housing

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RDP House Constructed by TGI

Low-cost, single, row and semi detached units;

Brickwork and painting

Built with 140mm Single diamond or maxi bricks - smoothly bagwashed and painted with SABS water repellent paint


Finish using a raft tile & trust system which comprises of a zincalume trusses and purlins with concrete roof tiles being an added benefit of being maintenance free and more valuable - thus creating a better product.


A bathroom comprising of a wash basin bath and toilet. a Stainless steel or zink unit in the kitchen all connected to a hot and cold water system.

Alternative construction

Razor-Construct is a company specializing in alternative building methods. The UCO-SOLIDWALL system is an hycement certified system which has undergone extensive testing under local conditions at the CSIR. It was developed in Malaysia by UCO berhad and conforms to international building regulations.

The system has improved thermal efficiencies, sound performance and a reduced carbon footprint compared to existing building systems. Additional advantages of the system is that it maximize on the use of local labour, deliver a fast track project, with minimal waste generated.

Civil Engineering

We do designing and construction of all bulk services such as:

  • Water
  • Sewers
  • Roads

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