Quality & Safety - Our Company Policy

Quality Assurance & Safety Policies

TGI has adopted a Company-Side Quality approach to all the Company’s operations.

A quality Management System that introduces new customer satisfaction and product conformity objectives to preceding South African Standards.

Our Quality objective is to constantly supply our customers with quality of service and products that meets or exceeds their requirements and expectations. This we believe is realistic and achievable as we have adopted the approach of “Doing the job right First Time, Every Time and On Time”. Thus, we aim to provide Reliable Services, with a focus on the Production and Delivery of Quality Housing and Engineering Services to our Customers.
Provide the necessary resources, Quality Housing and Engineering Products to our Customers.

Along with this, our objectives are to use the Company’s Quality Management System to assist in achieving and exceeding our Company’s business goals and objectives.

Commitment to our policy and objectives are maintained by conducting training of all staff in accordance with the policy and its subsequent Quality Manual, reviews and other training and activities such as correction or prevention of non-compliance.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

The following statement is a complete version of Transgariep Infra’s approved and signed safety policy as published in the Annual Construction Safety Plan (2010/11)

  • Transgariep Infra is committed to the safety of our Employees, Independent Contractors, the Public, preservation of our assets and the well-being of the Environment where they are impacted by our operations.
  • To fulfil this commitment, all of us must make safety and integral part of our lives. We must take personal responsibility for our actions and adhere to Safety Policies, Rules and Regulations at all times.
  • Transgariep Infra is committed to provide Leadership, Organisation Training and Resources needed to maintain a Safe Environment.
  • All Employees must make Personal Commitment to Safety and perform their work in a manner that will prevent accidents to Themselves, their Fellow Workers, Independent Contractors and the Public.
  • Involve and consult with all people who work for the Company on Health and Safety Issues.
  • Clearly define Health and Safety responsibilities for Managers, Employees and Contractors.
  • Ensure that its Employees and Suppliers of goods and services of their occupational health and safety responsibilities is in relation to TGI’s business.
  • Ensure that it has Management Systems to effectively identify, control and monitor safety risks arising from its operations.

"Our Quality objective is to constantly supply our customers with quality of service and products that meet or exceeds their requirements and expectations."